Nivid Release Album Heralding the Rise of Indian Industrial Rock


15th November


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‘Nivid is ready to offer something for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and more’- Rolling Stone India

‘Sanksaari’s jarring opening notes and its static-filled sliced-up video, all point to an unmistakable industrial aesthetic’ – The Hindu

‘Running with the flag planted at the university for Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Type O Negative, Nivid are taking industrial and alternative to the next level’ – Alternative Nation

Nivid release its debut album, Mernā, on 15th November, a battle cry of rebellion against the establishment from a band which has emerged as one of the most important voices in India.

Nivid is the ferocious industrial rock soundtrack to an environment bristling with Hellish energy. From the endlessly diverse backdrop of India, Nivid is a musical embodiment of an Indian population which deals with religion, politics, citizen’s rights and status on a daily basis. Written initially as a play, Mernā presents an alternate universe inhabited by Agent 2344, a Hindu recruited by religious zealots to spread chaos and marginalise the ‘immoral’ citizens, only to find him questioning his choices and fearing for his soul.

Nivid is Aditya Virmani, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, his recorded work being entirely a one-man project, his live performances being with a specially assembled band – Devasheesh Sharma (guitars) and Nihar Apte (bass). Inspired in particular by the gnarled, intoxicating music of Nine Inch Nails, Virmani is also behind the boutique media and audio design studio, Barren Sound. It is typical of Nivid’s determination to challenge convention that secretly planned live shows testing out their new material included a festive celebration (which would ordinarily be the last place you’d find a rock band, yet proved incredibly popular) and a ghost-town, miles from anywhere with some very violent promoters…

Mernā (literally, ‘to die’) reflects the journey of the album’s central character, through to the ultimate breakdown and destruction of their soul. Tracks such as There’s More of Us and Nationalism is Fun warn of how religious and political fervour can result in consequences which are much damaging to Humankind than may initially be perceived, though this is an album which leaves the listener to make their own judgements. With swathes of unconventional samples and waves of Moog alongside cutting-edge audio technology, as well as fractured buzzing guitars, the extreme views of the album’s protagonist are matched by the primal power of the music. With Aditya passionate about sharing his love for heavy electronic rock music with a young Indian audience often denied such pleasures, Merna is a project which is both fantasy and a glimpse at an artist determined to break down barriers.

His skill in creating multi-textured cities of sound is, in part, as a result of a motorcycle accident with left him with a broken collarbone. Finding guitar-playing all but impossible, he used the time to hone his skills with synthesisers and technology, mixing elements from not just the rock world but dance and electronic. Nivid’s previous single The World Around Me (Infinite Support) | Sanskaari received heavy radio play and coverage around the world with a universal message which transcended its Hindustani language to hit home to rock, alternative and metal fans wherever they are.

Track listing:

The Hindu Awakens | Hai Yeh Hindusitaan
The Never-Ending Desire to be Validated | Prakara I
There’s More of Us | Nyay, Azadi, Barabari, Biradari (Na Milegi Tujhko)
Nationalism is Fun | Aagaya Hun Main
The Untimely Death| Prakara II
The World Around Me (Infinite Support) | Sanskaari
Ascension | Yaga

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