Dark Cabaret Miscreants, Feline & Strange, Pull the Trigger with New Audience-Baiting Album

Title: Trigger Warning; Album Released: 4th April

Lead Track: Can’t Breathe (Released on Bandcamp 24th Jan and Spotify 2nd Feb); Inappropriate; I Am an Iceberg;

F.F.O: Siouxsie Sioux; Depeche Mode; The Slits


Quite Great

Feline & Strange are back with their upcoming sixth studio album, Trigger Warning. The production demanded everything of the band: all their energy, emotions and all their sincerity. Thus, a voracious monster was created. The album is called Trigger Warning for a reason – the songs show no mercy, displaying a frighteningly powerful assault of piano-heavy cabaret punk and rugged electronic dark wave, through the abysses of mankind: the knee-jerk alarmism regularly seen across social media; climate disaster; Queer issues and mental health struggles.

"It's about war, despair, rape, abuse, hatred, exclusion, depression, discrimination, climate disaster, madness and suicide”, Feline subtly suggests.

Together with their new drummer Rah Hell (filling the boots vacated by Nine Inch Nails/Dresden Dolls/Violent Femmes drummer, Brian Viglione), the band travelled to Seventh Wave Studio in the US where they recorded the previous three albums. Trigger Warning will be released on 04.04.2020 digitally as a download version and as reduced version on all major streaming services.

“Our time in the studio was incredibly intense. There was an infinite amount of laughing and crying together. We went to the US as friends and colleagues and came home as a family,” says Feline, the singer of the band. Significant was that the album was created during a phase of major changes in the lives of several team members. The pre-production in spring and summer 2019 was marked by the coming-out as a trans woman of producer Taylor KouqJ Bull, the death of a close friend of the band, sexual assault and a political shitstorm as Mankind allows itself to stumble towards extinction. The production phase itself contained several panic attacks, triggered by the performances to be heard on the album, nervous breakdowns, phases of depression... you name it.

Like Feline & Strange live shows, the songs on the album are connected by thematic transitions: interludes, mini-radio plays, dialogues and soundscapes. This extended version of Trigger Warning will be available on Feline’s Patreon (www.patreon.com/feline) for the backers of their online crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Startnext and also on bandcamp.com. The interludes will not be available on the usual streaming channels.

Feline & Strange released their first album in the haze of the steampunk movement back in 2011 and now travel as a wave cabaret band all over Europe, the UK and the North American continent. Band members are the extremely ill-tempered opera singer, pianist and producer Feline Lang (by her own account), metal cellist Christoph Klemke and punk drummer Rah Hell. The latter completed the illustrious trio at the end of 2018.

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