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Welcome to the Magical World of Lui Krieg! He has touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people worldwide and inspired many minds with his knowledge and practical use of Crystals and Sacred Sound for healing and personal transformation.

Lui explains: “Every day I practice and celebrate the Sacred Union of the two most ancient and powerful healing modalities! The benefits that this practice have brought to my own personal life and to many thousands around the world are truly profound!”

Today Lui is one of the most recognised … and recognisable, Spiritual Light Workers. During his worldwide travels and studies, he has developed a deeper understanding of a wide range of healing therapies and meditative practices, from Reiki to Angelic Healing; Shamanic Healing and harnessing the power of crystals and sound. His spiritual journey has guided him to Create his own unique therapy - “The Crystal Sound Activation” and he has performed over 1000 one to one Activations all around the world with amazing results!

In his own words:

“I am an Activator, not a healer! I retune people to their original source frequency and reconnect them to their true spiritual path”

This led him 5 years ago to establish the internationally renowned Crystal Sound Academy, where he is now teaching to students from all around the world. Alongside this he can regularly be found in his magical shop, Stone Age, based in the mystical town of Glastonbury also known as “the ancient Isle of Avalon”, where he welcomes, serves and inspires thousands of pilgrims throughout the year!

“My shop is a temple for our Mother Earth and the beautiful gifts of minerals and gemstones she gives us”

Lui has also studied the Art of Jewellery design and is a Master in creating magical objects. A man of many gifts and talents and a true modern-day Alchemist! Lui is a truly flamboyant character and is loved by everybody for his unique style, his kindness and generosity

Enter Lui’s Magical Realm here:

Though born in Germany, Lui Krieg’s journey to his spiritual home in Glastonbury has seen him traveling the world, studying different lifestyles, religions and spiritual practices. His adventures took him to South East Asia, India, Nepal, Africa, North and South America as well as Australia.

Founding the world-famous Stone Age store in the town twenty years ago, he has created crystal jewellery and magical items with both his own hands and his team of expert goldsmiths and crystal and gem-workers, both in Glastonbury and at his workshop in India, enlightening and enriching the lives of people from all corners of the Earth, from eager students to pilgrims to world-famous celebrities!

Lui Demonstrates the Healing Properties of the Chakra Sound Chair:

As Lui himself will tell you, he considers Stone Age a magical experience rather than a shop. He is a Master in performing Sacred Sound Rituals utilising Crystal Singing Bowls; Crystal Sound Pyramids: Crystal Tuning Forks; Shamanic Drums; Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes and Bells, and of course for the grand finale, the king of the sacred sounds the Paiste gong. We haven’t even mentioned his legendary Crystal Didgeridoo …

Ten years ago, Lui met his best friend and musical producer, Paul Foss, known to his friends as The Cosmic Percussionist. Together they developed the Sound Academy yet further, taking the principals of crystal sound activation out of the one-to-one setting and allowing it to be performed for groups of up to 200 people, featuring an introductory talk, guided meditation and finally his sacred sound ceremony. A modern-day Yogi and vegan, Lui Krieg is truly a magical personality and has shared his secrets and practices with thousands of people around the world

Lui and Paul performing as The Alchemysts of Sound in Beijing:

Lui Krieg’s Crystal Sound Activation therapy has been approved and accredited by the UK Complimentary Medicine Association (CMA) and is based on the magic of crystals & minerals combined with the powerful effect that Sacred Sound has on mind, body and spirit.

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