NHS nurse Mike Fairbairn, aka DeeCeeDee, releases birthday anthem for the lost parties of lockdown

It will raise money for nurses in financial hardship and to help disabled co-writer and fellow nurse, scammed of £200k


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DeeCeeDee is a musical collective led by songwriter Mike Fairbairn, who are breaking us out of lockdown with a fun, uplifting, pop, birthday classic (to be). DeeCeeDee have collaborated with hit music producer Andy Whitmore (Eternal & Peter Andre) and international singer Andrea Dee to create new single “Hey, Hey, It’s Your Birthday!!”. DeeCeeDee felt it was time to give the general public a birthday song, that wasn’t dull and dreary, but actually made people feel like celebrating their birthday! And what a time to celebrate with the lifting of lockdown across the UK.

The story of DeeCeeDee’s birthday song goes all the way back to the 1990s when Mike met musician and fellow nurse, Colin Tyrie, whilst working at an AIDS hospital. Mike and Colin became close friends and they wrote the song’s melody together on a summer holiday in France. Soon after, the pair dedicated their lives to their NHS careers and their families, and the song was left in the vaults. Until, nearly 20 years later, Mike learnt that Colin had become severely disabled due to a life-limiting illness.  In addition, one of Colin’s daughters was severely disabled with cerebral palsy. To add to their woes, Colin and his wife had paid £200,000 to a builder to construct a specially adapted home to accommodate their disabilities, only for the builder to run off with all their money. 

iNews article on Colin’s tragic story: https://inews.co.uk/news/real-life/father-daughter-disabled-bungalow-builder-loss-220000-402509

That’s when Mike felt he had to do something. Remembering that he and Colin had written the melody to a catchy love song together back in the 90s, Mike thought that if he reworked their tune into a commercial birthday song, he could raise funds for his friend to build the house that Colin and his family so desperately needed.

“I saw this as a songwriting challenge, to craft a decent, uplifting birthday song - but also one that might help raise money for nurses in financial hardship like Colin and maybe help Colin build the home his family so desperately needs.  And hopefully, this song could give people a little lift after lockdown – as the song says “It’s time to party baby, now!!”.
Mike will be donating profits from record sales to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, a charity that supports nurses in financial hardship.

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June 7, 2021 6:30am ET by Quite Great  


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