Viral Tiktok Star Solidifies Hold On New Wave R&B With New Single ‘Dreamcast’

Jovian Drops His Latest Track In Style



Brooklyn’s finest hip-hop and R&B artist Jovian is following up the success of his acclaimed singles 'Welcome to The Show', 'Where’d U Go', and 'Timothée Chalamet', with his highly anticipated new release 'Dreamcast'.

Coming to him from a dream the track exemplifies the sedated whilst ultimately limitless world of the unconscious. An ethereal dance between styles that Jovian moves between with a dreamlike grace. Flirting between R&B, rap, and summer pop, the track explores the evolution of relationships as they come into their own, much as Jovian has on the single performing at the top of his game. Whether having you moving to his catchy and emotional beats or drawing you into his world with his intricate harmonies, Jovian is cementing himself as one of the most exciting artists in the space.

Jovian’s calling to music helped him overcome issues with depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia but his creative journey didn’t end there. The artist attended acting school for 11 years alongside Hollywood star Timothée Chalamet (the inspiration behind Jovian’s hit single of the same name, that achieved viral TikTok success), where he honed the open and vulnerable storytelling skills that create that distinct Jovian sound. Between these struggles and his synaesthesia, Jovian sees the world in a way only he can.

“I use music & specifically Hip-Hop to express myself & literally survive. Hip-Hop has saved my life & supported me in expressing my feelings when I felt speaking to others failed me in this process. It’s important for me to share my healing to other kids, especially those who don’t have access to artistic outlets like I have had all my life. My music and my platform are meant to show kids they don’t need to harm themselves using substances to numb. There’s an artistic outlet for every sensation they feel!”

June 18, 2021 6:12am ET by WeLoveMusic247  


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