Suns Of July release anthem-packed, heart-tugging album “Hello People”

Featuring lead single 'Aeyo' as well as the touching 'Beautiful You Are'


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Suns of July are here with a well timed hit of nostalgic optimism with all the skill and craft that comes with decades of experience. It’s no surprise the three members found each other, not least because two of them are brothers; but because of a shared underlying passion to connect with people through music. Whether paying a banquet hall D.J. $100 to play one of their first recorded tracks at midnight on the Millennium's Eve, or through their anti-bullying anthem “Beautiful You Are” accumulating over 120,000 streams across Spotify and YouTube, the Toronto based band continues to resonate with audiences, tackling some of life’s biggest and most universal themes.

The group’s new album “Hello People” opens with the charged anthem “Aeyo”, a contemporary take on the ballads of the 80s, this time addressed to those who dare dream.

“This fun, up-tempo number is dedicated to anyone who has strapped on a guitar, wrote a song or two and succumbed to delusions of grandeur.”

From its opening modest keys through to its anthemic “Aeyo” chant, all backed by energised drums and topped with vocals that transport you to a stadium filled with others sharing in the music with you, the track proves straight away that this album is one of passion, that isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve.

“Our album covers life’s many real issues: love, loss, hopes, dreams… Our songs are all true and from the heart.”

The album is honest, drawing on the experiences of the band and those closest to them, and connecting with the fans in the process. The anti-bullying themes in “Beautiful You Are”’ stem from lead singer Kosta relentlessly suffering at the hands of bullies throughout school. “Misunderstood” is inspired by a close friend’s struggles with schizophrenia. “Mother” honours Lolita, the brothers’ late mother. The band marries these sensitive and personal topics with their driven guitar riffs and powerful vocals to create a truly earnest and accessible album that presents such human stories that you can’t help but relate to.

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June 25, 2021 7:46am ET by Quite Great  


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