Ang Low Drops Original Pop/Hip-Hop fusion On “If I Slipped”

The former prisoner turned artist conveys powerful messages on his latest release, available now



Focusing on the dark themes of religion and love, Ang Low brings something new and necessary to the dinner table. Based out of Brooklyn, this solo singer-songwriter, producer, and artist goes into emotional detail about losing control and making bad decisions in his upcoming single, “If I Slipped.” Having been to prison and suffering from depression in his cell, Ang Low has since been able to transform these experiences into irresistible and mesmerising art. Drawing upon these experiences and mixing them with R&B and neo-soul influences, Ang Low transcends boundaries and backgrounds with “If I Slipped.”

Opening with a stylistically disjointed chorus and closing with heavy-handed vocals and harmonies, this track is as beautifully haunting as it is moving. Mixing synths with heavy-percussive beats all under a silky smooth vocal melody creates a sound unique to Ang Low that just keeps drawing the listener back in for more.

Set to be released sometime in July, the “If I Slipped” music video perfectly and effortlessly complements the powerful message of the song. Choosing to feature Ang Low alone further truly emphasises the talent and skill of this up-and-coming artist that wants to, and clearly can, do it all.

“I just wrote songs in my cell every day. I had no clue where to go from there. But the music just kept me sane, writing kept me focused and going. Eventually this mentality just blossomed into an artist.”

July 1, 2021 9:58am ET by WeLoveMusic247  


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