Shaney Poo Drops Incredible R&B/Pop EP 'Mr Shane'

The rapper and singer's new work features hits like 'Back Then Back When' and 'Pretty Brown Eyes'



From its reverberating opening notes and R&B feel, ‘Back Then Back When’ transports its listeners back to an optimistic time, following in the mission of the artist behind the single – Shaney Poo. Authentically personal, Shaney Poo shares a unique world view too big for the constraints of any one genre. Spanning pop, rap, R&B, and rock, the 7-track EP ‘Mr Shane’ blends the high-level production of the ever-dedicated Shane with the bounce of his youthful optimism to complete a project sure to resonate and raise the mood of anyone lucky enough to listen to it.

The video for Back Then Back When showcases the showmanship that has endeared Boston-based Shaney to audiences across the world. Backed by the incredible vocals of Zakiyyah, Shaney Poo dwells on memories of youth present realities. Unsatisfied with anything less than his all, Shaney cycled through three previous vocalists before finding one he felt did justice to the song that had come to him in a dream. This dedication speaks for itself across the track. From the smooth keys, deep bass, heartfelt vocals, or drums that punctuate them all, 'Back Then Back When' treads the line between meticulous production and a joyful disposition that’s sure to resonate with audiences.

Across the EP, Shaney Poo’s Haitian heritage paints itself in bold colours continuing the artist’s practise of drawing from a well of influences to create something unique.

“I am just being myself. I’m not trying to imitate others or follow some new trend. I have the freedom to create whatever I want - I have no problem with being seen as different from others, in fact I prefer it.”

July 8, 2021 4:25pm ET by WeLoveMusic247  


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