Nomad of Jazz ‘Ido Spak the Jazz Traveller’ Launches Crowdfunder For Album ‘Epidemic Adventures’

Artist: Ido Spak The Jazz Traveller

Album: Epidemic Adventures

F.F.O: Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, Chick Corea



“Constantly shifting in tone and texture and never less than utterly enthralling.” –

In the most unlikely of circumstances with the world on lockdown, a new romance bloomed. It took a global lockdown for the Jazz Nomad Ido Spak The Jazz Traveller to find love across the internet. From that Epidemic Love Song and the beginnings of the Epidemic Adventures was born. An independent artist, Ido is crowdfunding the project offering his previous albums, music lessons, and even live performances to supporters.

The album guides listeners on a global journey through cultural and musical influences. Incorporating the melody and rhythm focus of the Middle East; the passion and erraticism of NY Jazz; and the technical prowess of classical, Ido Spak draws on a life well-travelled for a wholly unique musical experience.

“I was born in Israel into war and my dream as child has always been to bring peace and build bridges.”

Originally from Israel, Spak felt a calling to music and travelled the world in search of new sounds and rhythms. Having worked with artists from Iran, Syria, Kurdistan, Canada, and Germany with the aim of destroying national and political boundaries in the name of true collaboration and art, Ido exposed himself to global musical ideologies which have greatly influenced the project. The new album particularly drawing on Kurdish and Jewish folk songs.

During the production of his previous album In a Hot Distant Land, Ido suffered a tragic accident resulting in back, rib, and leg injuries. However, despite a blood infection and three surgeries, the artist went straight from the hospital to the studio and took to the stage with a wheelchair and crutches. That same tenacious spirit lives on in this album that is sure to wonder and amaze.
To those still on the fence, the artist offers the single Dror Yikra from his previous, highly acclaimed album In a Distance Land.

Audiences can support the album here:

October 19, 2021 5:42am ET by WeLoveMusic247  

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