A Breaking Wave of Authenticity: Judith Haustein’s Heart-Wrenching New Album The Flood



“Judith sings directly to you and the incredible production creates a soundscape to envelope you in her sound” – Songwriting Spotlight

“Judith can create oceanic landscapes” – Manchester Music Review

Judith Haustein’s The Flood is an album unlike many others.

The genre-fluid project showcases a raw honesty equal parts elegant and tempestuous. 12 tracks long, The Flood sonically encapsulates its namesake with the energy of extreme and beautiful natural forces.

The album showcases a wide range of styles that Haustein excels in. On lead single Freeze, the artist infuses jazz stylings with a contemporary trip-hop presentation. Relaxed guitars, melancholic cellos, and a light dusting of cymbals lays a bed for the artist’s stylish and soulful vocals. Moving to the album’s second single Alone By The Water, conjures an epic feel anchored by an emotional message. Pounding beats conjure the deepest and most mysterious rumblings of the ocean. String sections inspired by Jazz and World music envelope audiences in a soundscape punctuated by the glimmer Judith’s beautiful vocal harmonies. Flood’s final single teases out a foreboding tension with low strings backed by an orchestral arrangement, before a triumphant and cathartic release in its end with Judith’s soaring voice and brighter melodic backings.


Musically inspired by the likes of Bjork, James Blake, and Joni Mitchell, The Flood was personally influenced by Judith’s recovery from PTSD. “I take a lot of inspiration from extreme landscapes and being by the sea – also most of the songs are connected to what trauma victims experience emotionally when trying to reconnect with the world’. Reconnecting with her authenticity, no matter how painful, bore the creative fruit of the album and perhaps its unique sound..”

A concept album at its heart, The Flood describes the journey back to authenticity, compassion, and truth. Stylistically, the album ebbs and flows between contrasting moments of minimalism and explosive bursts into wonderfully rousing orchestral sections. Arrangements are always interesting and unpredictable, mirroring the thoughts and feelings when on a journey like The Flood describes.

The Flood was self-produced by Haustein and brought together talented musicians of different disciplines from across London, Stuttgart, and Berlin.

The Flood marks a musician at the top of her game with a unique blend of technical mastery and highly emotive storytelling. Audiences everywhere can enjoy The Flood 04/02/22.

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