Quite Great North move to Manchester.

Quite Great have restructured their northern growth by ending their relationship with Ellis Wayman in Halifax in line with their alliance with music and brand entrepreneur Perry Hughes based in Manchester. The eighteen month experiment in Halifax did not offer the corporate and music expansion Quite Great needed and given the new alliance with Perry Hughes and the problems of maintaining communication channels with the Halifax office it made more sense to change direction.

The relationship in Manchester has immediately resulted in success both musically with many artists in the North West respecting the artists with whom Quite Great and Perry Hughes have helped in their long musical history , as well as gaining corporate clients as varied as Manchester Cathedral and the Regal Pawn Broker group .

‘ We are so excited about the immediate success Perry has had in the early days of our alliance , ‘ explains Quite Great MD , Pete Bassett . ‘ His team’s  new business development achievements in such a short space of time show the huge brand potential both for bands and brands in the North of England. The interaction and communication, reporting structure along with the creative input makes it clear that the move is going to be  hugely productive.’

For more information contact ask@quitegreat.co.uk

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