Urban Dance stars Craven Park to release their debut EP ‘Famished’

In late 2012 a discussion was held within the confines of the Si Music offices where JR Erwing decided it was time to record an EP featuring all of their artists in the very town they were based, London town.

Since forming in early 2012 Craven Park have dipped their toes into the pools of numerous genres such as dance, electronica and urban. The group consists of some of the highest ranked unsigned producers, engineers and vocalists, all of which with their own different musical background.

The first release from the EP is a bouncy urban track called ‘London Town (Bombo)’ by accomplished reggae artist Hyah Bingy. ‘London Town (Bombo)’ is a song about Bingy’s exasperation with this generation’s so called “couch potatoes”, especially those who groan and moan but are willing to do nothing to improve their lives especially when there are people worse off than them - as shown in the music video.

Coming from a religious background, Bingy’s been influenced by not only his own Rastafarian faith but the faith of those around him. Bingy blends his own faith with that of Rastafarian as he explains “we must all seek understanding of ourselves and not just follow old age traditions blindly, for there is a universal truth to be discovered,” which is why his name (Hyah Bingy) translates to “Higher Rastafarian”.

Although this is Hyah Bingy’s first release with Craven Park, he’s established himself firmly in the hearts of those at Si Music where they’ve been making a name for him using his last release ‘Book One’. Since being with Si Music Bingy has recorded numerous reggae tracks including some huge reggae names such as Tony Curtis, Lutan Fyah and I Octain.


Find the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37j7zRaajWQ&feature=youtu.be


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