From top law firm to the top of the charts – Serena Kern announces upcoming EP ‘My Promise’

Despite growing up in a small town, Serena Kern has always been destined for big things.

Her intellectual and musical talents, combined with her steely determination have forged a path of success for the young singer-songwriter. In 2005, she won an award for the highest IGCSE exam results in India, and she later went on to graduate from the London School of Economics with a Law Degree and now works at one of the top law firms across the globe. Having started recording her own music three years ago, she has already established a worldwide fan base.

It was at university that Serena first considered singing as something more than a hobby – she started writing and recording her own music, and was well received when performing at charity events. Things progressed quickly from there, and earlier this year she released her debut album in India with renowned Indian composer Sunny Viswanath which received much acclaim, with reviews in some of the biggest papers in the country.

Having grown up in India, but with paternal heritage in Switzerland, Serena was exposed to the music of several different cultures from a very young age. This has had a major influence on her style today - a polished combination of elements from Indian and western styles which is showcased on upcoming EP ‘My Promise’. The track Better To Have Loved (which was written after the loss of someone close to her) is a particularly good example of Kern’s signature cross-genre style; with great pop vocals layered over beautifully intricate Indian melodies.

The EP as a whole is a collection of songs that are from the heart, “My songs are love ballads, inspired by events and experiences in my life” and most are about those who are close to her, including title track My Promise and the third track from the EP, Why I cry which is very moving in both the lyrics and the sincere delivery. With a fresh sound that is sure to capture the hearts of music lovers far and wide, Serena Kern is definitely one to watch.

The ‘My Promise’ EP is set for release on 11th November

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