Widows new album “Death Valley Duchess” releases on Friday 27th April 2012 via Bad News Records

Their previous release was "Raise the Monolith" E.P. via Bad News Records in July 26th 2010, “Death Valley Duchess” will be their first studio album.

The Line up: James Kidd – Guitars, Adam Jolliffe – Vocals, Steve Mellor – Drums, Rob Stringer – Bass The album was recorded at MOOT GROUP STUDIOS in NOTTINGHAM with Jonny Carter (Pitchshifter) and Paul Yeadon (Bivouac) who have recorded such folks as Send More Paramedics, Sanzen, and Bring Me The Horizon. “Widows are DEFINITELY here to rock our faces off and bringing an unacknowledged hardcore element to the table serves to set them apart and mark them as anything BUT another generic knock-off stoner band” - Paul Robertson www.sleepingshaman.com “Widows are a great example of the band that is being created as the gap between Hardcore and Stoner gets ever smaller.” – Enos www.theebigblack.com “this Nottingham-based band means business and are not content with merely churning out another slab of typical 70's styled riff rock played with extra fuzz in order to sound heavy.” www.doommantia.com "A must for any self respecting fan of stoner metal". www.TheeBigBlack.com The band, its members, label, rehearsal studios, recording studio, producers, and artist/CD package designer are all from Nottingham. "This album is as much about us doing our thing and making a name for ourselves as it is representing Nottingham and helping to show what this city is capable of musically and artistically.” The band went on a stoner rock pilgrimage to Joshua Tree, Sky Valley and Death Valley in a bid for inspiration to write this album. The band also shot the photos used in the album design themselves during the pilgrimage. The band have appeared on stage with the likes of: The Atomic Bitchwax, Nebula, Truckfighters, Gentlemen's Pistols, Taint, Lazarus Blackstar and countless others. They are also due to play Desert Fest in Camden this April with Orange Goblin and COC! https://www.facebook.com/widows666
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