The Family Monroe Release 'Hotel Room'

The tale of burgeoning new duo The Family Monroe is anything but straightforward. Formed through a chance encounter in Liverpool, Craig and Amy Monroe instantly bonded through their love of 50’s and 60’s music and film. After some time, it was agreed that the pair should begin to make music together based on these shared influences. The results were rather exciting and their debut release, ‘Hotel Room’, showcases their exceptionally heartfelt, warm and ‘golden era’ sound.

The song, which features their own homemade video, is a delicate combination of distorted chords, subtle percussion and restrained vocals. The chorus reiterates the phrase, ‘but I will wait for you, in this hotel room’, and forms a neat hook for the piece to pivot around. The understated strings also perfectly compliment the track and allow it to drift onward.

It has been revealed that, with both members being in respective relationships, and with Amy residing in Liverpool and Craig in London, huge pressures were put on the pair. Subsequently, almost simultaneously, both their relationships fell apart and this, it turns out, has heavily contributed to their sound. The songs emanate melancholy and the lyrics speak of broken relationships, secret love and the impossible situations which can arise from these.

Yet to play their debut gig, The Family Monroe have already been earmarked as a key group to watch. Ian Dowling (Grammy Winning Producer) has stated his thoughts on the band; “I think it’s brilliant. I really like both of their voices, and the general mood of the music. Nice one”. Despite their early setbacks, there is a positive future ahead for The Family Monroe and the beautiful ‘Hotel Room’ should set them on their way.


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