Pandovisia - 'The Last Man On The Net'

Tech duo Pandovisia are set to change the music world with their pioneering new album ‘The Last Man On The Net’.

The band, who have been dubbed ‘net artists’, explain that the entire album was ‘conceived, written, composed, performed and produced entirely over the Net, in virtual studios, using cloud services and asynchronous communication’. Bearing this mind, ‘The Last Man On The Net’ is a highly impressive piece of work.

Understandably, the album makes heavy use of synthesisers and electronics, but the band cleverly fuses these with incredibly melodic acoustic and electric guitar riffs, as well as solid bass lines. The vocals are also notable for the humourous and, often ironic, lyrics that the band has penned. The frontman, who demonstrates a range of vocal talents, delivers these with equal amounts of gusto and restrain, specific to each piece. From simply reading the song titles, the funny side of this, some may say 'geeky', band is clearly evident.

However, the album also has some rather poignant aspects to it.  Not only does it comment on our ever-increasing online presence during our lifetimes, it also highlights the darker side to the net, augmented through their ‘hypnotic’ video for the track ‘Under The Net’. Furthermore, there is a definite romantic side to the album which becomes clearer through each and every listen.  

‘The Last Man On The Net’ is sure to make some big waves in the music industry. Pandovisia’s fresh approach has already led them to a feature in Esquire emphasising certain bands that are ‘redefining how music is made and played’. Whilst their original take on music will set them apart, their traditional composition style, catchy hooks and lyrics will win them many new fans.\


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Watch the hypnotic new video for the track 'Under The Net'  below (PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY WARNING):

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