Klassika – 'Sensual Guitar Chill Out' EP Released 26th November 2012

Klassika is the incredible new creation of the classically trained and hugely gifted guitarist, Richard Chapman.

As a guitarist, Chapman boasts an impressive career to date. He was trained at the Trinity College of Music under Gilbert Biberian and gained later tuition under international concert guitarist Carlos Bonell. His training and skills on the instrument led Chapman to playing sets at numerous festivals, including the Wandsworth Arts Festival and the Buckingham Summer Festival, as well as getting the chance to play with such musicians as Julius Drake and members of the Gould Piano Trio.

However, as a musician, Chapman became increasingly frustrated with his classical repertoire and had aspirations beyond the classical world. This is where the story of Klassika begins.

At the inspiration of his wife, Richard began trying to compose his own music and quickly formed the basis for his song ‘Freight Train’. Through fusing his impeccable classical technique with folk, blues and electronic elements, Chapman found new ways to express his musical talents. Klassika allowed Chapman to feel like he had been ‘let out of a cage both artistically and emotionally’. His new EP, ‘Sensual Guitar Chill Out’, is the product of Chapman’s fresh approach.

The four-track EP includes his first composition, ‘Freight Train’. This stunning track clearly demonstrates Chapman’s skill on the guitar and his melodic awareness. The freight train samples and electronic percussion also emphasise Chapman’s production talents and ambitions to create a unique new sound. ‘Celtic Warrior’ similarly features a driving electronic beat which accompanies Chapman’s deft guitar work. ‘Sea Shanty’ and ‘Prelude’ both have more of a relaxed feel and are best described as cinematic. Working with esteemed producer Rachel James Ellektra, who has formerly worked on records by Jessie J and David Bowie, certainly shows through on this EP, as the classical and modern production elements seamlessly intertwine. 

With the EP having already gained the blessings of DJ Bryant, the Flash Brothers and Susannah Simons (Project Executive at the BBC 2012 Cultural Olympiad), Klassika is certainly set for a bright future. The unique sound Chapman has crafted, along with his obvious talents, are sure to quickly propel Klassika forward. 


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