Hennesea – ‘Singing and Dancing In The Rain' Out 26th November

Taking inspiration from the famous musical sung by Gene Kelly, released in conjunction with the actor’s centennial this year, four piece acoustic rock group Hennesea have created something special out of this memorable classic.

Beginning life as a duo, Hennesea – a derivation from the Swedish word ‘hennes’ (hers) - were formed through a chance encounter when lead singer and guitarist Anna Watts, heard soon-to-be member Jane Devereux singing in a local church she happened to be passing. The pair quickly bonded through their shared musical experiences, love of old musicals and ambitions to create fresh and original material. Session musicians Marke Keene and Shaun Hughes were recruited soon after and have since become fully fledged members.

Having garnered a significant following through regularly gigging around Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and Birmingham, Hennesea are set to build upon this with their exceptional new single ‘Singing and Dancing In The Rain’. Opening with the well-known melody from ‘Singing in the Rain’, the song soon unravels into a catchy acoustic rock number, complete with beautiful vocal harmonies, progressive chord sequences and driving rhythms. The famous melody is cleverly repeated in a rather more delicate voice and the rain samples are an added touch to this catchy piece. The song truly emphasises the experience and talents of this burgeoning new group.

The debut single from Hennesea is also accompanied by a club remix from producer Techstyle, who has been recently commissioned to remix works by both Jessie J and The Black Eyed Peas.



Original Version: http://soundcloud.com/hennesea/singing-and-dancing-in-the

Techstyle U.K Mix: http://soundcloud.com/olivier_dale/hennesea-singing-dancing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hennesea

Facebook: http://en-gb.facebook.com/Hennesea1?filter=3


For more information please contact Vicky Berry on vicky@quitegreat.co.uk or phone 01223 844440. 

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