Lizette Lizette Set To Release ‘Raveland’ EP

Following the success of her first single ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Swedish dance-pop sensation Lizette Lizette is readying the release of the much anticipated EP ‘Raveland’.

A self-described ‘meta-ironic plastic rebel’, Lizette is questioning many of the norms of modern day society through her music. The five-track ‘Raveland’ EP, which includes the aforementioned single, does just this. Continuing Lizette’s intriguing musical journey, the EP combines the best of influential old school techno, acid house, electronica and pop. A multi-talented artist, Lizette produces and sings all her own material, as well as playing regular DJ gigs. Her flourishing career has already seen her support Example in Stockholm, as part of his European Tour, and be a part of Andy A’s music project ‘The New Heaven Dieppe’. Creating her own musical niche, Lizette’s fun sound is grounded in her spiritual view and distinctly individual approach to life.  

‘New Life (My Sweet Escape)’ continues in the vein of lead single ‘Wheel of Fortune’. It is richly melodic, upbeat and dance-friendly piece. The infectious chorus rings out with the line ‘my sweet escape, my sweet escape to a new life’. ‘Keep Walking Alone’ takes the tempo down slightly, highlighting Lizette’s production skills in her restraint and sound choice. Her distant vocals give the track a melancholic edge. Title track ‘Raveland’ is a similarly club focussed track which is sure to be a hit. Elsewhere, ‘Universe’ is perhaps the most ambitious track on the EP. The eerie song opening moves quickly into a pulsing bass line, allowing Lizette’s vocals to shine above. Her cries of ‘universe’ mark the drop, whereby a slower, more complex beat is introduced. Evoking a range of Lizettes influences such as Leila K, Lady Miss Kier (Deee-Lite) and Pandora, Lizette’s music sits somewhere between Die Antwood, Fever Ray and the rave era.

‘Raveland’ will be released on March 3rd.

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