Face To Release New Single ‘Sunglasses On’

Following the success of underground club hit ‘Opera’, hip-hop/garage artist Face is set to release 'Sunglasses On' this June

Face is the hip-hop/garage artist with a simple mission statement – to entertain people through his music and bring back the fun elements of the genre. 

The release of his new single ‘Sunglasses On’, featuring M.I.S.T.R.I., is set to do just this. The first track cut from his upcoming album of the same name, ‘Sunglasses On’ blends the best aspects of house, garage and hip-hop. Having emerged on the scene back in 2000, working as a house and garage producer, Face has channelled his knowledge and experience into this record.  Looking to build on his early underground club hit ‘Opera’ (featuring MC Ryder) Face has refined his sound immensely since this release.

An innovative producer, ‘Sunglasses On’ also showcases Face’s lyrical and song writing talents. Writing about ‘life stories and experiences’, Face has certainly found his own niche. Taking his own approach to writing, Face crafts all his own beats without utilising samples. Trying to recapture the golden era of hip-hop, Face combines his knowledge of the flourishing garage and house scenes to create a fresh sound. 

Listen to the single here - https://soundcloud.com/matchboxrecordings/face-sunglasses-on-feat-m-i-s

March 21, 2013 10:51am ET by Quite Great PR North   Comments (0)

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