Indie-Folk-Pop collective Beartown Zodiac are set to release ‘Karaoke bites’

Conceived whilst on a journey that spanned twelve countries in as many months, the debut EP release from Beartown Zodiac is certainly an example of great, fresh new music. Now based on the South Coast of England, Beartown Zodiac was initially the solo project of the front man: singer-songwriter David Bird-Hawkins. After a year of travelling the world, armed with a white flying-v ukulele and honing his song writing abilities, David returned to the UK and signed to Woodenhouse Records. It was at this point that he began working with the full band: Tiff Wheaton-Green (Bass), Matt Musial (Drums) and Alison Jay (Violin) - enhancing and unlocking the full potential of his songs.

With songs of wanderlust and mountains, broken I-pods and Zombies; Beartown Zodiac’s sound ranges from beautiful acoustic and violin numbers to all out guitar-soaked rock. Lyrically, the EP all relates back to David’s time spent travelling; “Most of our travel was overland, including some extremely long journeys on local buses, trains and boats. The inspiration for lyrics came from overheard conversations while travelling, corrupted English translations, signs across tourist bars and snippets of travel guide suggestions.”

The band’s influences are expansive, including Sparklehorse, Grandaddy, Super Furry Animals, Blur, Eels, Magnetic Fields and “everything in between”. Showcased on the EP is a very light, summery sound; a light folk-pop combination reminiscent on Noah and the Whale with great ukulele melodies and vocal harmonies.

Karaoke bites will be released May 17th through Woodenhouse records

March 27, 2013 5:21am ET by Quite Great PR North   Comments (0)

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