Alexa Mullins Releases Debut Single ‘Lone Wolf’ on 6th May

The single ‘Lone Wolf’ is released by Hertfordshire’s Alexa Mullins on 6th May.

 14 years old (yes, that’s right 14!) Alexa has created her very own sound that combines mature vocal style way beyond her years, with a piece of story telling that draws you right into the emotions of the subject.

‘Lone Wolf’ wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack to current US TV sensation ‘Nashville' and this young English girl looks certain to not only capture the hearts of her UK audience, but export her sound back to the USA, which has so obviously influenced her sound.

This mature and clever style just comes naturally to Alexa and you won’t see her singing teen pop on anything like the X Factor.  At 14 Alexa doesn’t need that route to stardom.  A great voice singing heartfelt songs is what will help Alexa achieve her goals.  In fact, this young artist is not interested in fame for fames sake, she wants to be a proper artist because that’s what comes naturally to her.

‘Lone Wolf’ is released by Cream Room Productions ( on 6th May and will be available to download from iTunes and other digital stores.

Listen to the song on Soundcloud here ‘Lone Wolf’

Alexa on Twitter - @AlexaMullins

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