The Nyco Project to Release Innovative EP as Audiovisual App

Through support from the Arts Council England, London band The Nyco Project are set to unveil their pioneering new EP The New Machine in the form of an interactive audiovisual app.

A venture spanning two years, the band’s concept is at long last coming to fruition. Self-managed and self-produced, their love of playing live led The Nyco Project into creating a method of recording and performing, which they labelled ‘musicjelly’. Through the principle that ‘everything you hear you see’, the band developed a ground-breaking new way for bands to showcase their music. Capturing all live recordings on film, The Nyco Project’s debut three-track EP reflects this principle and has been developed into a musical app which the user can interact with. As well as having the ability to solo and mute individual parts, users can see the band playing their instruments and discover information about the recordings. Aiming to bring back tangible music releases, The New Machine is much more than the average mp3 download.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery, through the Arts Council England, the band have received huge praise from the organisation. Relationship Manager, Rachel Nelken stated; ‘not only were we taken by The Nyco Project’s music, but the inventive multi-media presentation was really interesting. The app is a great new way for bands to take a coherent approach to the presentation of their whole product, visually and aurally. Nyco’s musicjelly concept is also a good platform for bands to showcase their material. It gives users a great insight into both the recording process and the make-up of a live band, as well as giving them the power to become instant composers – this opportunity for immediate engagement has the potential to reach wide audiences’.

Opening the EP with ‘Fade Away’ the band’s lo-fi, psychedelic sound is immediately apparent. The intertwining distorted guitars and vocals recall artists such as The Velvet Underground, Jack White and early Yeah YeahYeahs. Moving into ‘You’re So Weak’ the band takes on an alt-country sound evoked by the brushed percussion, tremolo guitar and sultry vocals. Maintaining their psychedelic indie sound this is a track even T-Bone Burnett would be proud of. Closing the EP is title track ‘The New Machine’, a song about forgetting the real world as we get sucked into cyberspace. Featuring a catchy vocal melody, the track moves from up-tempo full band sections to a beautiful acoustic part highlighting their range of talents.

The New Machine app is scheduled for release on June 24th. The Nyco Project will be bringing their work to the world over the next few weeks and months, with live performances and in various groundbreaking formats.

May 2, 2013 8:53am ET by Quite Great PR North   Comments (0)

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