Kenni Wenna Set to Storm Club Charts

Kenni Wenna, the reggae singer who was rediscovered after 15 years, is back with his new single ‘One of These Sundays’.

The incredible tale of Wenna’s rediscovery led to the singer securing a record deal worth around £250k. With Wenna unemployed and in the midst of hard times, the news that his demo had been picked up by the former label boss was a real stroke of luck. Inviting Kenni back into the studio, his music sounded as fresh as it did back in the 1990’s and the decision was taken to create inspired label The Wenna Project. The resulting album, Real Lite, proved to be a success for Kenni, showcasing his range of soulful, reggae-pop songs.

Now at age 58 Kenni is back with his new single ‘One of These Sundays’. Having already entered the prestigious Music Week club charts, Wenna is expected to continue this rise with the infectious new single. Moving in a different direction from Real Lite, the track is an upbeat dance work suited to the club setting. Combining thumping four on the floor beats and melodic synthesisers, Kenni’s distinctive voice and acoustic guitar emerge out of this. Competing with club tracks from some major names, ‘One of These Sundays’ is certainly prepared for the test.

Updates on Kenni Wenna’s club chart position will be coming in the next few weeks.

May 16, 2013 9:00am ET by Quite Great PR North   Comments (0)

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