Chelsea Michelle is set for debut album release “Treasures”

"Very chilled vibe, great production work - honest, pure and clear" – 102.5 The Bridge

Fresh from touring with glam rock band TNT, soulful singer-songwriter Chelsea Michelle is now set for her debut album release ‘Treasures’.

Produced by Lars Lien (Larsville Studio), the album also features world renowned bass player and long time fan of Chelsea’s music Tony Levin, (who has played for Cher, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Lou Reed, Seal, and Peter Gabriel and others). The title track from the album also comes coupled with a beautiful ambient remix from Rachel James – who is highly regarded for her work with Bowie, Sony, Steve Strange, Black Eyed Peas, and Jessie J.

Born in Swansea, Chelsea moved to her father’s hometown in Norway aged three. There, she grew up in the centre of a battle for the right to keep her name: “I had to fight for my right to be named Chelsea in Norway. They claimed it wasn’t a proper name and believed it would be connected to football over here in the UK, and that I could be bullied for it.” This, and other early tribulations, clearly had an impact on Chelsea’s strong character; which is laid bare in her music. Her soulful sound is one that could only be paired with someone who has lived an enriched life, and is not afraid to share it, frankly, with her listeners. The album was developed from a melody she initially developed at the age of six: “[it] brought back old memories and feelings from my childhood, a childhood where I felt lost, afraid, unloved and lacked confidence... My songs are honest, vulnerable and also full of hope.”


Treasures will be released 24th June through Matchbox recordings and Universal Music 

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