The Local Legends Set to Release New Album ‘Queens Will’

‘Queens Will’ is the stunning new album from blues rock quartet The Local Legends.

‘Queens Will’ is released on 15th July 2013

After immersing himself in the deepest, darkest corners of London for a whole year, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Ben decided he belonged in the studio and onstage making the music he loved, the music of legends. Having recruited three other equally passionate, talented musicians- bassist, Luke, guitarist Johny Darko and drummer, Jack-Ben finally had all the tools he needed to live the dream, little did he know what was to follow would be so incredible. After naming themselves and discovering just how much chemistry there was between the four when they played together, The Local Legends felt ready for their first ever live performance. Taking the bull by the horns and starting off in true legendary style, the first time the boys had played live together, The Local Legends played their first ever concert for a little over eleven thousand spectators, all hungry for a great time. Needless to say, the band delivered, unveiling their sweet riffs and sweeter vocals The Local Legends gave a performance to remember.

The Local Legends is an exhilarating blend of traditional rock and roll and blues with a smidge of rockabilly. With vocals reminiscent of those of Eric Clapton, huge riffs and intricate solos and an old school rock and roll vibe ‘Queens Will’ can be only described as nothing else but a traditional rock record. The raw energy of the album is second to none and tracks like ‘Story Teller’ and ‘How Could I’ have such delicious guitar solos, they contrast well with the more mellow tracks like ‘Almost Outside’ and ‘What’. ‘Queens Will’ is set to pave the way for The Local Legends to capture the ears and hearts of rock and blues scenes.

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