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Monday, December 5, 2016 10:55am ET by  
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Rebecca Ferguson unveils 'Superwoman' video

Rebecca Ferguson has debuted her music video for the title track from her 2016 album, 'Superwoman'.

The talented singer-songwriter, who released the record in October, unveiled the video on the Telegraph's website today (December 5). The clip includes a dancer, as well as Ferguson herself.

Speaking previously to Pressparty about the song 'Superwoman', the former X Factor star said the tune was penned about "real life".

Ferguson said: "I turned up to a session with a great writer, Negin, her name is. She’s never written with me before, and I was told there would only be one producer in the room.

"I arrived and sat with Negin, and she said: ‘Right! We’re going to write a positive song,' and I just said 'No we’re not... because life isn’t positive!'

"'And, sometimes,' I said, ‘life isn’t easy'. I’m not singing songs to pretend life is easy. I want you to imagine a single mother. She’s just got to work. She’s got a phone call from school saying ‘your kid’s sick’. She’s got to get back all the way to the other side of the city to pick up her kid'.

'That’s who you’re writing this song about. It’s that woman who’s at breaking point and is doing it alone. That’s where ‘I never said I was Superwoman’ came from. It was me saying that to the writers and the producers, because every writer wants you to write positive because positive sells, but I was like: ‘No! I’m writing about real life!’".

Watch Rebecca Ferguson perform 'Superwoman' live below:

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