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RedOne credits success to Gaga and Bieber collaborations

Super producer RedOne has opened up about the fantastic success he has enjoyed in the music industry so far and credited his widespread appeal to teen sensation Justin Bieber

He teamed up with the Canadian hitmaker for his anthem 'Baby', which has had over 700 million views on video hosting site YouTube, and told that it's "an incredible blessing" to have been a part of it:

"Half a billion views, it's crazy. To me, it's an incredible blessing, because that explains to me that the world loved the song, the video and the artist. The vision that we believed in happened."

Referring to his work with Lady Gaga, RedOne added that their collaborations paved the way for dance music's recent return to the spotlight:

"Dance music always existed but now it's popular. After… Gaga happened, it opened a lot of doors. I have big DJs, I'm not going to mention names, but who came to me and said, 'Oh, thank you, you opened the doors for us, finally we're doing productions.'"




"Because dance music before, the DJs used to do remixes. Now the radio song is a DJ version. So it's an amazing opportunity that happened and i think the dance music is going to stay."

Watch an interview with RedOne here: