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Rihanna still striving to reach the 'top'

Rihanna has admitted that she is still trying to reach the "top" of the entertainment world.

The singer has released seven albums to date in a glittering career.

However, she isn't satisfied and still wants to push herself further to avoid complacency.

Rihanna told Hello!: "What is the top? I don't think you're ever at the top.

"If you ever feel you're at the top, there's only one way to go and that's down - and I don't ever want to feel comfortable enough to say that."

Speaking meanwhile about her rise from a Barbados girl to a global star, the 'Stay' singer said:

"I always had a big dream and it's only now I look back in hindsight that it was a really, really, really big dream for a little girl from a really small island [Barbados].

"I wanted to sing and I wanted to sing like the big ones - Mariah [Carey], Celine [Dion], Whitney [Houston], Destiny's Child. These were women from all spectrums of the globe who made music that could be heard all over the world and I wanted to do that too.

"This was so far from the reality of my life that it was hardly even possible but back then it didn't seem strange at all. I really believed it could happen."

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