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Rihanna's mother inspires her: 'She is phenomenal and makes me feel safe'

'Bitch Better Have My Money' sensation Rihanna has confessed that her mother, Monica, is her rock and she really looks up to her.

During an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, the Bajan beauty explained that she has an incredible amount of respect for her mother:

"My mother is phenomenal. Everybody feels that way and thinks their mother is the best mother ever, but I really believe that. My mother is so loving and she’s caring and she doesn’t judge you. She doesn’t judge any of my friends, she just makes you feel safe."

Rihanna also went onto add that she knew she wanted to be a singer when she was a child: "I just loved singing. I would say between five and eight years old I knew I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to make music that could be heard in parts of the world that I’d never been to. I was always sassy. I was like that at six years old and I was like that at four years old! But I was also shy – even to this day really."

“But when I’m comfortable with you, that’s when you really start to see other colours of my personality coming out. That’s when I feel comfortable enough to be vibrant and fun and say whatever I feel like saying because I know then that you probably won’t be offended by a joke of mine or anything I might say."

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