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Rihanna reigns with 40 million Facebook fans

Rihanna became the most popular female artist on Facebook with over 40 million fans “liking” her artist page.

The flame-haired singer overtook Lady Gaga at the top with her followers currently at 40,601,985 and Lady Gaga’s at 40,567,905. Rihanna also hit 6 million followers on Twitter last week, but Lady Gaga still that social media sphere with 11 million fans.

After getting news of passing over 40 million Facebook fans, she tweeted in celebration: “40 mil! 1 LOVE #RihannaNavy."

Eminem, who collaborated with her on their hit 'Love the Way You Lie' remains the most liked male artist with 43,307,679 fans.

Watch her latest music video for her single, ‘Man Down’, here: