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Rihanna wants to be gunged at Kids Choice Awards

Rihanna has revealed she would like to get slimed at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards after sending Katy Perry a good luck message ahead of her appearance at tonight's show. 

The 24-year-old, who yesterday declared she has started work on her seventh album, told Capital FM that she likes the idea of being gunged at the ceremony, even though her close friend suffered a fall after being covered in green goo back in 2010.

"That was pretty major last time – she almost broke her back. I hope she's more careful this time. But sliming, that's awesome, that's awesome. Getting slimed? I want to do that one time."

The ‘We Found Love’ star, who was recently added to the line up for Radio1’s Hackney Weekend, also continued to insist the pair will eventually team up for a song together, no matter how long it takes:

“I don't know when she is making her album but hopefully when I'm making mine we can make something work – you never know. We're going to make that happen. Even if we're 60 years old – it has to happen."




Watch several stars get gunged at the Kids Choice Awards below: