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Rihanna on tough 'Battleship' film role: 'When they said we could shoot I was in'

Rihanna has admitted that she was convinced to launch her acting career with 'Battleship' because the script explained she would get to shoot a gun.

The Bajan sensation opened up about her debut movie role to the Radio Times and explained that acting tough really appealed to her so she gladly accepted the offer and hasn't looked back:

“I really didn’t know what [the film] was, but the minute they said we got to shoot, I said, ‘Yeah, I’m in!’. I didn’t know what film it was. I just knew that I had a meeting, and this guy just started talking and showing me lots of pictures of aliens. It was not until the end that I realised he was the actual director of the film!”

Referring to her previous experience, Rihanna added: "I was in the cadets when I was about 11."




Watch Rihanna answer questions at the recent London press conference for 'Battleship' here: