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Rihanna wants her next movie to be a comedy

'You Da One' sensation Rihanna has admitted that she would love to work on a comedy film in the future now that she has kicked off her acting career.

Rihanna's debut movie, 'Battleship', sees her playing a tough role, but she recently revealed to Capital FM that her next big screen project will hopefully be something with a humorous edge because she loves to laugh:

"Always, always wanted to work with Seth Rogen. I think he's so funny. Even if he's not in the film, all of his movies are funny."

"They're the comedies I watch a thousand times besides Borat, of course, and everything that Sacha Baron Cohen does. Seth Rogen, Sacha, [and] James Franco is funny as hell."




'Battleship' is due for release on April 11 in the UK and you can watch her talk about her first foray into acting below: