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Rihanna poster escapes censure after complaints of sexual suggestion

A poster for a Rihanna concert which featured a photo of the star naked has escaped a ban.

A Live Nation poster which was put up to promote her upcoming show at London's Twickenham Stadium in June attracted two complaints from worried onlookers who believed the image to be sexually suggestive.

The photo shows Rihanna to be topless, but her arms and a graphic on the poster are covering her breasts.

The Advertising Standards Agency have now thrown out the complaints and ruled that the pose was more about effusing confidence, not sexual desire.

They said: "We noted Rihanna was shown looking directly out at the viewer and considered that her facial expression was more challenging to the viewer than sexually suggestive. We considered that overall the image portrayed confidence and that it was not presented in an overtly sexual way. Although we understood some consumers would find the image distasteful, we considered that the ad was not unsuitable for public display or that a placement restriction was necessary to prevent the ads from appearing within 100m of a school."





Watch Rihanna's 'Stay' video below: