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Rihanna on haters: 'They'll keep knocking away until everything comes crashing down'

'Umbrella' superstar Rihanna has revealed that while she's learning to accept the fact that she will always face criticis, their harsh comments still have an impact on her. 

Speaking to Glamour magazine recently, the beauty confessed that it's hard not to let the negativity affect you when you have to confront it on a daily basis and added that she is mindful of staying in control:

"I can’t run from it. You can’t change who you are. It’s important for me to know who I am and work with that."

"They’re gonna keep knocking away until all this comes crashing down. But I’m not gonna ever crash. I’m in control."

Rihanna then admitted: "I had to regain my fearlessness because it did go away for a little bit. My mother said something to me a few years ago: “I’ve seen something in your eyes I’ve never seen before: fear.” She was like, “No, this is not you.” I just got back to being OK with myself."



Watch footage of Rihanna performing on 'Chatty Man' below: