Actor Ryan McGregor Releases UK Humour Rap Single "Waistcoat! British Man in America"

"What is wrong with you Americans?!" asks Ryan in the UK's most candid rap single of 2020

"Yankee?! No, I'm a man of style! Burberry tie, socks argyle"

Americans "drive on the wrong side of the road! You refrigerate your eggs!"


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If the stars aligned for the sharp tongue of Eminem and the gusto of Russell Brand to be reborn in one person, it is in acclaimed UK actor Ryan McGregor with his show stopping first ever comedic hip hop single, "Waistcoat! British Man in America," available now.

"10,000 pounds in my pocket
They stole my car
I forgot to lock it
Aston Martin
I can buy another
Bad rap songs made me rich, [filthy word censored here]!"

Released this year for later inclusion in the film, The Homework's Revenge: Esther in Wonderland, Ryan raps in character as Lil' Livahpool, the Mad Hatter disguised as a daft, early oughts hip hop star for MTV's TRL generation.

In the bound to be UK pop culture classic, Ryan enjoys ladies' company "as I drink earl grey / I'm hardcore / drink tea all day!" In his world as a mock British celebrity with larger than life financial resources, he spends money at Gucci on "useless" things and hates America's remake of The Office. He might be across the pond but will never give up his UK pride, lamenting on how "NFL blokes wear tights for ballet twirls" as he fantasises about "bangers and mash!"

The song's lyrics are too salty for a press release and no clean version was released because that might mean Ryan sold out. Censorship is for American "plebs." What next, do you expect him to be adorned in "Nike suburbia dad clothes" he finds on Rodeo Drive? To hear the 100% authentic experience of a British man distraught when an American tourist mistook him for a ... gasp! ... local, an American, "Waistcoat! British Man in America" is available on Apple Music and Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Ryan's last turn at getting global attention was his starring role in the surprise hit YouTube short film, "Martians Take Belfast!" As Edward O'Fallon, a local farmer who thought the aliens were his "ex-wife and her friends stealin' me cows from afar!" he won rave reviews amongst acting professionals.

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To glimpse Ryan in action in his most popular film role to date with Martians Take Belfast!, hit the 3:38 mark on the film:


Classically trained stage and film actor Ryan McGregor studied at London's Kingdom School of Arts under the tutelage of Robert Whitelock and Johnny Phillips, where he was taught the Stanislavski method of acting. Ryan is a prolific stage actor having performed in 27 theatre productions since 2013, including playing the voice of God in Little Shop of Horrors, with his most recent appearance being in Aladdin and a further three performances planned throughout 2020. He has acted in audiobook narration with titles including The Moated Stone.

Ryan began character voiceover for animation with film credits like Pizza Delivery. He acted on a green screen in the animated-live action hybrid short film, Martians Take Belfast!, a film that on 2019 was the most Googled item in the UK and Britain for the term "martians."

Ryan has now voiced 32 different characters in a variety of media and is currently in the process of creating 20 new voices for use in his gaming and character showreels and as of 2020 is frequently requested for to audition for voice over projects. In 2020 Ryan began the process of filming and writing his first horror anthology series.

March 16, 2020 4:00am ET by Ring Group London  

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