Nicole Russin-McFarland launches verified YouTube official artist channel

Her new channel currently has over 200,000 views

The leading filmmaker of tomorrow's generation, Nicole is a recognizable brand all by herself


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Film director and film score composer Nicole Russin-McFarland has launched an official artist YouTube channel. Verified with a music note beside the name instead of a check to indicate its artist status, her channel will host original films made for online streaming, film score music, other music releases, entertainment journalism, everyday life updates, and more.

After publishing the film on YouTube last summer, Nicole's hybrid animation-live action short film "Martians Take Belfast!" was the most Googled search term for the keyword "martians" in the English-speaking world. The stage is set this year for Nicole's upcoming first animated feature film, "The Homework's Revenge: Esther in Wonderland," to follow suit.

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Subscribe to Nicole's new YouTube channel, @nicrussin:

Watch films on her new channel, including "O Girl of a Dream: A Beauty and the Beast Tale:"


Nicole Russin-McFarland is Hollywood's most luminous new supernova behind the camera.

Her reinvention from New York agency model into a vivid personal brand as a respected film director and film score composer is doubtlessly mesmerizing, a millennial swivel on Marilyn Monroe’s playbook.

Striking failure for much of her 20’s with her every attempt to transition into a film career, Russin-McFarland decided to break the rules, parlaying the Internet’s omnipresence and an authentic social media spirit into attention for herself and her work.

Mobilizing every corner of the web from her personal website to embracing new media press opportunities, as her peers pushed out CGI driven animation, Russin-McFarland released purist vintage-panegyric cartoons and a low budget live action short filmed in Britain. Her first two animated feature films are set for online release in 2020. It is safe to assume someday she will achieve her dream of being “Peter Jackson and Hans Zimmer rolled into one."

March 27, 2020 6:00pm ET by Ring Group London  

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