Affordably Own Legally Blonde History With Your Own Bruiser Pet Clothes by Urban Pup

Celeb fav Urban Pup label is budget-friendly luxury pet clothing used on screen and stage

Some fabulous pink styles are restocked after selling out again this year


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Urban Pup's wildly in demand pet attire is worn by dogs and their celebrity owners, from the streets of Beverly Hills to London, and in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Wizard of Oz. And now, everyone can buy the Urban Pup dog clothing seen in Legally Blonde: The Musical. For the UK's acclaimed stage production, Urban Pup designed several wardrobe changes for Elle Woods' pampered fur baby, Bruiser, and the character's diamante collar.

The pink collar retailing just under $28 is such a success, Urban Pup restocks the inventory every few months, often purchased by customers with the matching pink knitted sweater. Humans can twin with their dogs, wearing the same "Harvard" and "OMIGOD!" fuchsia T-shirts, each retailing under $18 and $21. Get yours before they sell out...again!

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Belfast entrepreneur Denis Kelly founded Urban Pup in 2007 when shopping for his pet Yorkie, he found clothing that was warm and functioning but not high fashion.

His pet clothing has appeared on television, in film, and on stage in West End musicals such as dressing Toto with an emerald green crystal collar and lead set for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Wizard of Oz."

Urban Pup's collection includes dog pajamas, everyday clothing for canine boys and girls, pet carriers, collars, leashes, socks, shoes, and more. The brand ships globally.

A celebrity favorite and popular with well to do residents around the world, the clothing is found on chic, fashion forward dogs in Hollywood, New York, Palm Beach, Miami, London, and Sydney. When you see a dog in tabloids wearing a fabulous knit, chances are it came from Urban Pup!

March 28, 2020 8:00pm ET by Ring Group London  

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