OnlyFans Art Show: Nicole Russin-McFarland Launches Her Bob Ross Inspired Profile

OnlyFans isn't "Only Models"

Nicole encourages her subscribers to develop their talents


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A naturally voluptuous vixen with a figure from 1950's Playboy, film director/film score composer Nicole Russin-McFarland's new OnlyFans profile might be expected by the press to be another page about taking it all off. Rather, her talent and digital art tutorials are "drawing" people in to subscribe to her @nicrussin profile on the London based website...and it is wildly successful!

Each week, Nicole debuts a new digital sketch inspired by her favourite leading stars of Hollywood past and present. She helps followers learn how to draw beloved actresses like Margot Robbie in "The Wolf of Wall Street," Naomi Watts in Peter Jackson's "King Kong," Charlize Theron in "Atomic Blonde," and Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill: Vol. 1." Her CinematNIC Art tutorials are filmed from her home about twice monthly and slowly released.

Nicole says: "OnlyFans and its rivals are given one image by the tabloids. I am supportive of the men and women with more liberal expressions of the website, but that is only one image. People teach incredible classes on the platform. My personal aesthetic with hair, makeup, and wardrobe is always inspired by past decades of Hollywood–never my lack of clothing."

"As the most popular website in the world right now that is neither a news organisation nor Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, only a fool would bypass this amazing exposure and ability to earn extra income doing what you love, and sharing that with so many new friends. Between drawing and tutorials, I love telling people about my day, sharing the cool vintage looking clothes or makeup I am wearing, and talking about the films and music I am working on. It's better than regular social media because I don't deal with any trolls. Everyone on my OnlyFans really wants to be there, hanging out with me virtually!"

OnlyFans started as a platform for actors and musicians having a chummy relationship with their online friends. OnlyFans' primary usage is now being rediscovered by entertainment industry professionals, celebrity chefs, fitness gurus, and professional athletes. The resurgence in the mega watt popularity of OnlyFans for users comes on the heels of mainstream social media networks' data privacy concerns and advertisements.

Nicole is looking forward to the future: "Someday, I will say I won an Oscar because people found me on OnlyFans! The career development from this website's ubiquity is unbelievable."

Nicole Russin-McFarland's OnlyFans profile is a free subscription with a suggestion for donations if people enjoy the material.

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Film director and film score composer Nicole Russin-McFarland has several animated projects slated for 2021-2022. Her current film, The Homework's Revenge: Esther in Wonderland, is having additional green screen filming for rotoscoping done in the UK for a summer 2021 release.

June 12, 2021 4:00am ET by Ring Group London  

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