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Rita Ora on 'Fifty Shades' role: 'I'm sworn to secrecy, but it'll be worth your while to see it'

'Shine Ya Light' beauty Rita Ora has spoken out about her role in the upcoming 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' movie and revealed that it was an amazing opportunity because she was only planning on being involved in the soundtrack.

During a red carpet interview with MTV News at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend, Ora explained that the movie is worth waiting for and her parts are very exciting:

"I've seen some (of the film). I've definitely seen my parts. I'm literally sworn to secrecy, but what I can say is expect something that would really make it worth your while."

She also opened up about the experience of working on a film, adding that it was great to step away from music for a while as she was originally going to just do a song for the offering's soundtrack and had approached a producer about contributing music to it:

"Doing the movie was probably one of the best things ever, being in Vancouver, getting out of the music and just making it work was really good. I did like eight auditions, so I thought I would never get it. It was incredible that it worked out. It ended up with me being in the movie. I'm not going to complain." 

Watch her latest music video here: