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Rita Ora talks Macklemore collaboration: "It's about sticking by your gut instinct"

Rita Ora has offered some more details about her upcoming Macklemore collaboration.

The singer teamed up with the US rapper for the song 'Young Rumours', which will feature on her forthcoming second album.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the Brit said that Macklemore is a pivotal part of the track, which rides with the theme of sticking to what you believe in.

She said: "I think the good thing about Macklemore is that he is very precise about what he gets involved in. As you can tell he's very passionate about what he puts his name on, because he talks about things people don't usually talk about, and his concepts are very, very passionate.

"The song, 'Young Rumours', is about believing in what you want and sticking by your gut instinct. It would only ever work with him. If he wasn't on it, I wouldn't put the song out - it wouldn't make sense."

When asked if there are more guest cameos other than Macklemore and Prince, Ora said:

"This album wasn't for me to be like, 'Let's see how many features we can get'. This is the first time I'm going to release an album in the States, so I'd only have somebody on the record who would be there for a reason. It wouldn't just be because it's them. Those two really helped with the concept of the song."

Watch Rita Ora's 'I Will Never Let You Down' video below: