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Robin Thicke says Justin Timberlake "opened a door" for his career

Robin Thicke believes Justin Timberlake's sound has helped him get bigger.

The singer has been enjoying huge success with his No.1 hit 'Blurred Lines' and its style has been compared to that of Timberlake's newer material.

Speaking to Hot 87, Thicke admitted that the '20/20 Experience' man's divergence into more R&B territory has allowed his own music to reach a wider audience. He said:

"[Justin Timberlake] actually helped me a lot because his sound went more R&B and soulful and that's what I've been doing my whole career, so it really opened up a door."

Thicke continued: "Him and I grew up with the same influences - Michael Jackson, Prince, Marvin Gaye. We were both white kids who grew up in the hip-hop generation, so I think it's natural we're going to have some similarities."

'Blurred Lines' meanwhile has enjoyed popularity and also endured some controversy for its unrated video, which features three topless models.





Watch Robin Thicke's edited 'Blurred Lines' video below: