Singer-songwriter Sasha Jay to release new single ‘Choices (Goals to Improve)



Sasha Jay

Brighton singer-songwriter Sasha Jay has released her new single ‘Choices (Goals to Improve)’, a fusion of different genres including pop and rap. The new single follows Sasha’s second EP ‘Reflect’, which was released in March this year as the follow-up to ‘Learning By Experience’, her debut EP from February 2020 which included her first single ‘Three Rings’ – about the troubled life of her much-missed late mum – and second single ‘They Hate the Truth’, which looked at gaslighting in families. Sasha started singing during her unconventional childhood – her parents had a twenty-year age gap and she was born with siblings on both sides, some of who are among those closet to her, while others have remained strangers. She began writing lyrics at 11 and music at 16 and has always written stories about – as she puts it best – “my turbulent, soap opera style life”. She started writing and releasing more after her mum died in 2014, continuing work on her EPs during lockdown.

Also citing influences including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eva Cassidy and Lily Allen, Sasha has been co-writing and collaborating with other artists this year and she is planning to start gigging again soon. She is also currently working on an album which she is hoping to be released in 2022. Stream/buy ‘Choices (Goals to Improve)’: Spotify / YouTube / Apple Music / Amazon / iTunes

Sasha on ‘Choices (Goals to Improve)’: “The song is about my nephew who had a strained relationship with his mum (my sister) and grew up with his alcoholic father. When I was visiting them, I noticed he had put up a paragraph on the wall of things his dad had to improve in his life – giving up alcohol was the start – but there was a long way to go with his overall health. “I read the words and felt so proud of my nephew for being his dad’s guide even though it should have been the other way round, and it was just a moment of thinking back to the people we both knew growing up; how young my sister and his dad were when they had him and how that cycle can really go round – irresponsible people having kids, living off benefits and not dealing with issues in their life or childhood and then continuing that cycle. “I wanted to write the song not only in my nephew’s honour but also as a message to anyone out there who can get help to change their life. “In my music, I often write quite personal but also tongue in cheek lyrics that mocks the usually dark situation. My first single ‘Three Rings’ was about my mum facing poverty after the suicide of the guy she left my dad for, and I’ve always loved lyrics that really tell a story, hence why artists such as Eminem have been such an influence.”


Sasha Jay

Born and raised in Brighton, singer-songwriter Sasha Jay started singing as a young child and began writing lyrics at 11 and music at 16 before gigging around her home town at 18.

In her music, Sasha openly and honestly shares her varied, unique and often turbulent life experiences through her gritty but clever and thought-provoking lyrics and a sung/narrated vocal delivery inspired by the likes of Lily Allen and Kate Nash.

Also listing acts as diverse as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eva Cassidy and Eminem among her major influences, the latter’s talent for delivering a personal and often hard-hitting story in a captivating manner can also clearly be heard in Sasha’s music, with subjects touched on including her upbringing, her family, the people she has met and the situations she has encountered over the years.

But while spoken-word storytelling is one of Sasha’s major strengths, her pure and emotional voice and wide vocal range also brings her music – which encompasses genres as wide ranging as pop, electronic and hip-hop – to life.

Having released two EPs so far Jay is currently working on an album which she is hoping to be released in 2022

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November 29, 2021 6:00am ET by Sasha Jay  

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