Sky’s National General Knowledge Test launches today with 100 questions that everyone should know



Test launched following new research which reveals the UK is a nation of quiz addicts, with Brits spending on average three hours a week in lockdown partaking in quizzes with friends and family

The new test has been specially commissioned to launch three factual TV channels - Sky Nature, Sky Documentaries & Sky HISTORY – available free to Sky customers from May 27th

New study also reveals the 10 trickiest quiz questions according to Brits
A new ‘National General Knowledge Test’ compiled by Sky, leading UK academics and celebrities has launched today featuring 100 essential quiz questions that everyone should be able to answer, as research reveals Britain has become a nation of quiz addicts in lockdown.

A study of 2,000 Brits shows quiz popularity is at an all-time high with the nation spending on average three hours a week in lockdown partaking in quizzes with friends and family, in comparison to playing previously just once a month, and a third (34%) say quizzing is now a weekly routine. TV documentaries were cited (42%) as the source of where most Brits acquire their general knowledge.

The new study, specially commissioned to mark the launch of a series of factual TV channels - Sky Nature, Sky Documentaries & Sky HISTORY – available on Sky from Wednesday May 27th, has led to the creation of the new ‘National General Knowledge Test’. The new channels include a host of documentaries and factual programming to help people brush up on their general knowledge.

The wide-ranging 100-question test has been devised by a panel of professionals from Britain’s leading universities; including Bill McGuire, Emeritus Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at UCL, John Sutherland, Emeritus Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature at UCL and Kate Williams, Professor of Modern History at Reading University.

Celebrity experts including Rachel Riley, Patrick Aryee, Kelly Cates, Jamie Carragher, Joan Bakewell, Kay Burley and Dynamo, have helped to review questions for the test in their areas of expertise, which spans science, the natural world, sport, art, current affairs, entertainment and pop culture.

The study also reveals the 10 quiz questions that leave Brits baffled, with the tricky question ‘what is the world’s smallest country?’ topping the poll, followed closely by ‘what are the first three books of The Old Testament?’

The top 10 trickiest quiz questions that people get wrong, as voted for by Brits, are revealed as:

What is the world’s smallest country? (76%)
What are the first three books of The Old Testament? (74%)
How many sides does a dodecahedron have? (73%)
What were the names of Henry VIII’s six wives? (71%)
Banksy is most associated with which city? (64%)
What nationality was Charlie Chaplin? (60%)
What are the names of the five oceans? (58%)
What are Africa’s BIG FIVE animals? (56%)
Which chess piece can’t move in a straight line? (55%)
Which planet is closest to the Sun? (54%)
(*answers in notes to editors)

The whole quiz can also be played online and downloaded as a PDF (see below).

The research team spent a month during lockdown drawing up the questions which are available on SkyTV social channels. The whole quiz can also be played online.

People can also watch some famous Sky faces have their general knowledge put to the test in a @SkyTV Instagram Live on the evening of May 27th. The Instagram Live will be hosted by Rachel Riley and celebrities taking part include Russell Howard, Dynamo, Tom Daley, Jamie Carragher, Kay Burley and Patrick Aryee.

TV presenter and lead expert Rachel Riley said: “Over the past few weeks the nation has remembered how much we all love a good quiz! I certainly do, and have done since my uni days, quizzing in the college bar with friends. Recently we’ve seen how they can still bring us all together, even as we’re all at a distance. The 100 questions in this one have been carefully selected by academics and experts in their fields and are guaranteed to entertain and educate.”

Zai Bennett, Sky Managing Director of Content, said: “Quizzing has always been a British pastime, and we’ve truly been putting our trivia to the test in lockdown. Sky’s new factual channels will no doubt help the nation to brush up on their general knowledge, with a host of informative and enlightening programming.”

Kate Williams, a Professor of Modern History at Reading University and one of the test’s academic experts, said: “The National General Knowledge Test has been compiled to offer a comprehensive overview of all the questions we really should know the answers to. The test covers all typical quiz categories with a wide range of questions, testing participants on everything from their historical know how to how up to date they are on current affairs.”

Over half the nation (53%) believe Brits have become hooked on quizzes during lockdown.

Findings from the study also reveal that 90% of Brits wish their general knowledge was better and two thirds (60%) admit to being embarrassed by their lack of general knowledge.

Science and technology (54%) topped the list of subjects Brits wish they knew more about, followed by history (49%) and arts and literature (47%).

Of those surveyed two in 10 (20%) admitted to cheating during a quiz. Londoners are the least honest quizzers with a quarter (26%) admitting to cheating, compared to just 16% of Scots.

Sky Nature, Sky Documentaries and Sky HISTORY will be launching on May 27th 2020 and feature programming such as; McMillions, Hillary, Tiger Woods: Back, Wild Animal Babies, Gangs of Lemur Island, UnXplained and Ancient Superstructures.

The new channels will include hundreds of hours of factual programming on demand with original commissions and acquired content. They will be available to Sky customers at no extra charge and will also launch on NOW TV, available as part of the NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

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May 29, 2020 4:00am ET by SKY  

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