A Silver Data Lining: Sky Mobile reveals £174M worth of data has been saved due to lockdown

Due to more time spent at home, Sky Mobile customers have saved a collective 55 million GBs of data that would have typically been lost with another provider

The whopping amount of data is the equivalent of streaming 220 million hours of TV or listening to around 1.3 billion hours of music on Spotify

On average, Sky Mobile customers have saved 43GBs of data, amounting to £136 of savings per person



Scotland is home to the savviest of data savers followed by Sky Mobile customers from London
Sky Mobile, voted Uswitch Best Pay Monthly and Best Value Pay Monthly network, has revealed an unexpected upside to nearly a year spent mostly at home, with 55 million GBs of data being saved since April 2020 - the equivalent to streaming 220 million hours of TV or listening to around 1.3 billion hours of music on Spotify.

Thanks to Roll, Sky Mobile has helped customers save a collective £174 million pounds worth of data - data that would typically have been lost with another provider.

With Sky Mobile’s Roll, any unused data is automatically rolled over into a customer’s Sky Piggybank every month and saved for up to three years. Spare data can be shared with up to seven SIMs on the account or can be exchanged for rewards, like accessories or money off a new phone.

With the average Sky Mobile customer having saved 43GBs of data across the UK during lockdown, the equivalent of £136, Sky Mobile customers have been able to reap the benefits of saving their unused data. For instance, since the first national lockdown, Sky Mobile customers have shared 11.5 million GBs of data across accounts and redeemed approximately 240,000 rewards, with Sky Store vouchers proving to be the most popular product.

The easing of lockdown restrictions coming right in time for summer saw notable changes in the way people used their data. Sky Mobile, who just reached the impressive milestone of 2 million customers, revealed August 2020 to be the most popular month for sharing rolled over data and exchanging unused data for rewards.

Looking across the UK, Scotland proved home to the savviest data savers with 7.7 million GBs of data being rolled, amounting to a £24 million saving in that region alone. London Sky Mobile customers weren’t far behind, with people collectively saving 4 million GBs of data, equating to a saving worth £13 million.

Ashifa Sachedina, aged 40 from Rotherhithe, London has managed to save 182 GBs of data since the first national lockdown. Ashifa commented: “Before lockdown, I used a lot of my data to stream shows on the treadmill at the gym and to listen to music on the go. I also often used data on my iPad when I was hotdesking for work. Although I knew that lockdown had stopped me doing those things, I was shocked to discover how much data I had actually managed to save! It’s crazy to think, had I not been with Sky Mobile, it would have all gone to waste. I’ll definitely be putting it towards my next phone upgrade, I’ve got my eye on the new iPhone!” 

Paul Sweeney, Managing Director of Sky Mobile, said: ‘’Since last April, we’ve seen a 50% increase in our customers saving and sharing data across the Sky Mobile network. With many of us saving more data than ever before, it’s important to us that you don’t lose your unused data but instead have the flexibility to roll it over to use at a later date, share with others or redeem against rewards.’’

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Sky Mobile benefits at a glance:

Winner of both Best Pay Monthly network and Best Value Pay Monthly network by Uswitch.

Roll – Every month your spare data rolls into your Sky Piggybank ready for you to use later or to share with your family

Piggybank – Share spare data in your Sky Piggybank with up to seven SIMs on your account or exchange it for rewards

Watch – Unlimited streaming of Sky apps so you can enjoy live sports, the best shows and kids’ favourites without using your data

Mix – Change data plans whenever you like

Swap – Upgrade to a shiny new phone anytime you like and save money when you swap your old one

Text to Switch – Simply text PAC to 65075 to get your switching code. We’ll take care of the rest

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