How do you do data? The nation's new data tribes revealed

Data Tribes: Sky Mobile has worked with psychologist Jo Hemmings to unveil the nation’s data typologies with Entertainment Enthusiasts, Logged-on Loved-ones and Gourmet Gurus amongst the tribes identified

Data Usage: Free time (42%) and boredom (38%) has driven data usage to increase, changing how we interact with our smartphones

Data Consumption: 82% of users are turning more to entertainment streaming sites, whilst 77% of people have embraced a new love for home cooking thanks to the online services available to cook along to



Sky Mobile, voted Uswitch Best Pay Monthly and Best Value Pay Monthly network, has today revealed how Brits’ mobile data usage has changed over the last 12 months, driving a new set of data typologies1. Entertainment Enthusiasts, Logged-on Loved-ones and Gourmet Gurus are amongst the tribes set to dominate, as we continue to move through 2021.

As restrictions begin to ease, more than a year after the first national lockdown, the study of 2,000 British adults found almost half (46%) of Brits admit to increasing their smartphone usage recently, with having free time (53%) or simply being bored (53%) as the main drivers for the enhanced usage.

Data Consumption

The rise in usage has also seen a switch in the type of data Brits are now consuming. For instance, entertainment streaming sites have captured the nation’s attention, with 82% of those who use the services turning more to virtual entertainment in their free time. Whilst 78% of users are also turning more to connector services such as WhatsApp and FaceTime to keep in touch with loved ones. Meanwhile, 77% of people have now embraced a new love of home cooking as they look to apps and websites to cook along to.

Delving deeper into our mobile data habits, daters are increasing their search for love in the evening via various dating apps and online services (46%), with digital retail services (45%) also peaking in the evening – potentially due to us needing a retail ‘pick me up’.

Data Tribes

The findings have prompted Sky Mobile to team up with psychologist, Jo Hemmings, to identify the data typologies we fall into and her predictions on how these tribes will continue and evolve in 2021.

“We’ve experienced a different world over the past 12 months, and as we all pivoted to the ‘new’ everyday, it has naturally changed our smartphone and mobile data usage. I’ve compiled these data typologies to help us understand what our new data habits mean for us, and how these will adapt and be taken with us, as we move out of lockdown,” psychologist, Jo Hemmings, explains.

The data typologies we fall into according to Jo Hemmings:

Entertainment Enthusiasts: Lockdown saw streaming services provide a much-needed escape for people, and as life begins to ‘open’ back up, we will undoubtedly continue to tune in to the latest shows, ready for watercooler banter to resume.

Logged-on Loved-ones: Recently, families have been going online to stay connected, and whilst it will never make up for face-to-face time, it has gifted everyone the ability to stay connected 24/7 with ease – which people will continue to relish even when they head back out.

Gourmet Gurus: With dining out a thing of the past (for now), ‘Gourmet Gurus’ are driving a newfound love of homemade meals, thanks to the rise of cook-along content, and even as we head back to the office, the satisfaction of making something new won’t let this newfound passion fizzle out.

Retail Rewarders: Retail therapy has become the new go-to self-reward, and it’s never been easier thanks to shops being just an app-click away. Even with the simplicity of ordering groceries from the comfort of our homes, ‘Retail Rewarders’ will long revel in retail ease, without the hassle of queueing!

Trend Publishers: From sharing pictures of their 10th attempt at banana bread to commenting on the latest viral moment, ‘Trend Publishers’ have found a new love of connecting in a way that is unlikely to change, as this group vies to keep its finger on the pulse.

Everywhere Gamers: Offering light-hearted relief, gaming app downloads have surged over lockdown, resulting in ‘Everywhere Gamers’. And as we begin our commutes again and have awkward dead-time while waiting around for friends, gaming will remain our quick go-to time filler.
Audio Streamers: From listening to their favourite tracks, audio book or podcast, ‘Audio Streamers’ have been increasingly consuming audio entertainment to help stay motivated and inspired – a need that will remain as we flock back to gyms and the office.

Savvy Side Hustlers: Lockdown gave dreamers that nudge of encouragement and extra burst of time to set-up their own business. So now that fire has been lit, ‘Savvy Side Hustlers’ will continue to turn to their smartphones and push themselves to grow in 2021.

Digital Soul Seekers: During the past year, many have turned to meditation to ease their worries, with people using their phones to find guides, apps and support. ‘Digital Soul Seekers’ will continue to immerse themselves in the world of mindfulness, as they slowly ease back into normality.

Takeaway Tribe: Reducing life’s little everyday stresses, the ‘Takeaway Tribe’ have turned to their smartphones to rid of dinner time hassle, with delicious meals delivered straight to their doors. And these takeaway treats will surely continue as people make the most of their newfound freedom.

Jo Hemmings continues, “Whichever tribe you align yourself or crossover with, it’s clear they all have one thing in common – connection. Whether it is consuming data to connect with loved ones, the wider community, or making our lives that little bit easier thanks to virtual services, our futures will now be forever enhanced by the support of our mobile data.’’

Commenting on the findings, Paul Sweeney, Managing Director of Sky Mobile, said: “No matter, which data tribe you fall into, Sky Mobile makes it easier for customers to save money. Whether you’re still at home or back out exploring, we roll your spare data so you can choose what you want to do with it.’’

Even with data usage creeping up, for any UK customers already with Sky Mobile, they have the added and unique benefit of Roll, which sees any unused data automatically rolled over into a customer’s Sky Piggybank every month, which can be saved for up to three years. Spare data can then be shared with up to seven SIMs on the account or can be exchanged for rewards, like accessories or money off a new phone.

Note to editors:

Research conducted by Opinion on behalf of Sky Mobile. Total sample size was 2,000 18+ British respondents. Survey conducted online between 12th and 15th March 2021.

1 The data typologies have been categorised by reviewing the results of British respondents in response to which online services / apps they are using more or less since lockdown

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