Ziirus unveils debut album ‘Distractions’

Ziirus teases fans with album cover art



Ziirus, also known as Kristian Maraj unveils acoustic debut album 'Distractions', his album is said to consist of five covers and five original songs that will be written by the artist himself.

With the announcement of his debut album, Ziirus teases us with his album cover art by which he created himself as he's also a graphic designer and this goes to show how versatile of an artist he is.

Upon viewing his album cover art your imagination comes alive and you can almost feel the waves of vibration that will soon be crashing down onto the world when Ziirus's music is released and we no longer have to conceptualize because his music will rave in alignment with the beats of our heart.

Ziirus's album, 'Distractions' will be an explosion of emotions made from built-up pain, immense love and appreciation of music from the '80s, '90s and today like The Beatles, Coldplay, Bon Iver, and EDEN. It is expected to take you to a world you'd deem unimaginable, trapping you in a magical daydream meditating to the sound of his voice.

It's been a long time coming with many years of procrastination holding back the artist from unveiling his true potential but soon enough he will be able to run through stone walls, naked and unashamed, letting the world view him in his most authentic human form.

"I want to achieve what others deem impossible" - Ziirus

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January 30, 2020 9:00am ET by SPR  

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