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Sam Bailey warns X Factor contestants: "It could all end within a year"

Last year's X Factor winner Sam Bailey has been advising the show's current roster of hopefuls on what to expect when the experience comes to an end. 

Speaking to The Daily Star about life after the X Factor, Sam Bailey stated: "At the end of the day X Factor is just a platform. You can’t forget that it could all end within a year. Most of the people who have gone on X Factor end up doing normal jobs. You have to embrace it and make your decisions wisely." 

The 'Skyscraper' singer explained that she has taken a cautious approach to her own success since being named the winner of X Factor 2013: 

"You can’t think because you’re famous you can suddenly buy a yacht. I haven’t done anything extravagant like that. There’s an assumption you’re guaranteed success but it doesn’t always happen.I’m a realist and know it could all be over. I don’t want to get a ­massive house with a massive mortgage and then be ­forgotten about in a year’s time. I’m ­staying in my little house and just extending that."  

Sam Bailey releases a festive edition of her album 'The Power of Love' tomorrow (December 1).  

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