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Sam Smith says celebrity-obsessed pop culture makes him 'angry more than anything'

Sam Smith has lambasted today's celebrity culture.

The singer told Digital Spy that he finds people being more focused on the famous people he's met rather than his music "depressing".

When asked if there are any parts of fame that he is still getting used to, Smith said:

"If I'm honest, I hate some sides of it. I did a red carpet a few weeks ago and I got really angry afterwards. I went back in the dressing room and I said, 'Why are people more interested in me meeting Kim Kardashian than my music?' It makes me angry.

"I put so much work into my music, writing and performing live, y'know, putting my diary in front of the world, and people are sometimes more interested in hearing the celebrities I've met.

"That's what makes me angry more than anything; the state of pop culture, at times. It's quite depressing. But when I stand on stage at my own shows, that completely makes up for all of those silly things that go on."

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